The Green Box

Holistic Communication

ABKM, 2011–2012

During my semester abroad at the ABK Maastricht, I developed a creative briefing for a campaign of my own devising: »The Green Box«. The choice of subject and the previous analysis of the target groups originated in team work with Beau Colin, Anke Lahaije und Lieke Warmoeskerken. The objective of the communication was to create an understanding between the generation 15–25 and the generation 70+.

Claim: (Ex)changing perspectives

The result was an detailed concept containing teasing action, street project with interviews and giveaways, from which TV- and radio-spots as well as virals emerge. The project will be continued as internet community with contests. The separate box of the giveaway is to be passed on so that the generations get into touch and into conversation.

A hype created with all these means of communication spreads from Maastricht into the world and causes a closing of social ranks.

The Green Box Cretive Logo The Green Box Cretive Briefing 1 The Green Box Teasing The Green Box Flyer The Green Box Flyer The Green Box Commercial The Green Box Giveaway 1 The Green Box Giveaway 2