Graduation Project

Editorial, Photography

HSA, 2012–2013

»Secret – Between Hiding and Revealing«

A secret is a phenomenon with major social relevance, which is scarcely realized by people. This work is meant to generate public awareness of secrets and their scope and relevance to our social coexistence. It combines theoretical considerations of significant scientists with short, illustrative stories to establish relatedness to the reader.

The form of this book allows the reader to confront the subject – secret, by interactively revealing hidden contents. He is constantly faced with the charm and danger of revealing something unknown, especially when he needs to tear apart perforated pages, which would mean to destroy the book irreversibly. The result is a prototype, which shows that human life is a process of constant weighing, deciding, and finding balances between concealments while revelation is always a new challenge.

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DC Annual Award Gold

ADC Annual Award 2014, New York — Gold

Design, Student Thesis