Corporate Design & Campaign

HSA, 2014–2015

Current trends and drivers of digitalisation, globalisation and the changing values are confronting people with great challenges. But they also offer new opportunities and possibilities of actively shaping our future. In order to promote a sustainable culture of life and economic activity, a brand is founded.

This brand stands for the variety of alternative working and living forms that include a passionate relationship to work. The basic idea is a model of life that combines the three worlds of paid job, your own projects and subsistence economy.

With the help of a campaign social visibility for this model is to be created. It also provides incentives for the free exchange of information and experience that will form a sound community. As a network, the brand offers people guidance and reduces uncertainties.

The result is a comprehensive concept with various cross-media communication tools that has the potential to encourage social change.

Flickwerk Printed Matter Flickwerk Branding Flickwerk Stationery 1 Flickwerk Stationery 2 Flickwerk Photo Booth Illustration Flickwerk Photo Booth Flickwerk Touring Route Flickwerk Photo Folder Flickwerk Manifesto Flickwerk Animated Logo Flickwerk Illustrations Flickwerk Website Flickwerk Website Devices Flickwerk Toolbox Flickwerk Poster Campaign Flickwerk Posters Flickwerk Press Boxes Flickwerk Press Boxes open Flickwerk Brochures Flickwerk Portraits Flickwerk Brochure 1 Flickwerk Brochure 2 Flickwerk Brochure 3 Flickwerk Brochure 4 Flickwerk Brochure 5 Flickwerk Brochures Textpages Flickwerk Merchandise Flickwerk Plant

Here you find a link to the exemplary coverpage of Flickwerks Website.
Thanks to Bernd Hacker for the programming.