01 April 2018

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The new KERBHOLZ shop is launched

My lates work is finally online: www.kerbholz.com


01 September 2016

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Started to teach

I am now working as a lecturer for Basic Design Principles at the Faculty of Media at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf. I am really looking forward to being challenged by my students.


01 August 2016

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A new brand is born

Since today, the shop of erlich textil, a new label for sustainable underwear, is online. I am in charge of the whole brand appearance including the website.

erlich textil

15 February 2016

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Moved to Cologne

Let's start something new: I am from now on living in Cologne being the Art Director at vierfreunde GmbH. Stay tuned about new upcoming work.


11 January 2016

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Launch of a new web project

SWAN, a project house for warehouse logistics asked me to redesign their website. www.swan.de
Thanks to Bernd Hacker for the coding.


23 September 2015

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The Swedish Forest Industries Vision

At BVD I collaborated on this film showing the forest's role for a more sustainable future.


09 July 2015

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German Design Award — Nominee 2016

I am officially nominated for the Newcomer Award of the German Design Award 2016.


21 May 2015

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At BVD Breakfast — Simplify to Clarify for Maximum Impact

BVD Breakfast


17 April 2015

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Launch of a new web project

Another website I designed in cooperation with the graphic agency KW Neun is now online.


25 March 2015

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»Art in Book Vol. 2« is now officially published

The book looks into three aspects of book design – materials, structure and technique. It covers crucial factors of book art, as paper, binding, color, printing technology, etc., showcasing the most exciting design works with illustrated texts.
I was invited to contribute my work »Secrets – Between Hiding and Revealing«. You can find my contribution on page 184–185.


21 March 2015

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»Flickwerk« on Behance

You can find my graduation project »Flickwerk« now on Behance.

Flickwerk Printed Matter

06 March 2015

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Heading off to Stockholm

For the next five month I am going to live in Stockholm to do an internship at BVD.
I am so excited!


05 February 2015

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Werkschau 6. – 8. February 2015

The Faculty of Design Augsburg is opening its doors to public and I am proud being part of the exhibition again. You can find my graduation project in M2.12.

Flickwerk Exibition

01 February 2015

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Project featured II

The project »Werkschau Summer 2012« is now also featured on Behance Editorial Design Served.


28 December 2014

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Project featured

The project »Werkschau Summer 2012« is now featured on Behance Student Show.

Thanks again to the wonderful team, we had such a great time creating it:
Sofia de Endaya, Alessandra Fasino, Bernd Hacker, Yino Huan, Rosa Kammermeier, Jana Kritchever, Dannika Mayer, Navina Pernsteiner, David Schlichter, Tim Schöndorfer, Nico Speck, Sabrina Staudinger, Sven Ten Pas.


09 April 2014

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ADC Gold

The Art Directors Club in New York honored my graduation project »Secret – Between Hiding and Revealing« with a Gold Cube.

ADC Global

30 March 2014

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Find me on Behance

Since today you can follow me on Behance.


14 March 2014

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Relaunch of KW NEUN Onlineportfolio

Since calendar week 9 the new website of the graphic agency KW NEUN is online. www.kw-neun.de


06 March 2014

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Long-awaited update

During the last year I designed a couple of websites. Here you can find a first example:
The website for the future publishing house of the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg.


04 April 2013

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ADC Bronze

The »Werkschau-Team« won a Bronze Cube on the 92nd Art Directors Club Annual Awards in Miami.
You can find a documentation of the whole project on Behance.


06 March 2013

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Two more projects to explore: »Secret – Between Hiding and Revealing« and »Drive«.


30 January 2013

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»Secret – Between Hiding and Revealing«

Finally I can announce that my graduation project with the title »Secret – Between Hiding and Revealing« is designed, produced and presented – since today. On vimeo you can find a short documentation of the book. To go there, click here.

Secret Cover picture

23 October 2012

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Time to blog

New selection of my work out now on tumblr.


27 September 2012

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Find me on tumblr.

Since today, everyone how is interested in my work, has now a second opportunity to find out more. Follow me on ka-tinka.tumblr.com.


10 August 2012

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Final Finish of »Motley Crowd«

At the beginning of the semester holidays I got round to bring the book »Motley Crowd — Haphazard good friends« into shape. I designed it during my semester abroad in Maastricht and it shows the international students who left a mark on me there. The design was already finished at the end of my stay, now the book received an adhesive binding of which the binder board stays visible. You can find the work here.


31 July 2012

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Finally an insight into the exhibition catalogue weighing 1,3 kg. For all those who could not hold it in their hands so far. More about this here.


26 July 2012

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Enrolment of my bachelor thesis

Today I officially enrolled for my bachelor thesis. It will have the draft title »Concept and Design of an Interactive Book on the Subject Secrets«. Surprise! Surprise!


20 July 2012

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Werkschau at the Faculty of Design

Today is the day: The biggest final design exhibition in the history of the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg opens its doors.

At the Faculty of Design over 80 graduates present their theses from the fields communication design, illustration, game design, fine art, animation, photography and interactive design.

We, the "Werkschau" Team, put the exhibition under the central idea »reach for space« and gave the visitors the opportunity to take the exhibition with them back home: An over 400-page catalogue which contains, besides the theses, guest contributions of well-known designers and artists like, for example, Kris Sowersby from Wellington, Edwin Van Gelder, MainStudio from Amsterdam, Chris Lee, founder of the agency Asylum from Singapur; but also alumni of the faculty like Eva Krusche, Max Birkl and "Visual Leader of the Year" Mirko Borsche.

The graduates themselves will present their work to the visitors in their showrooms.

Vernissage   20 July, 18.00 bis 23.59 Uhr

Aftershow   Party 20 July, starting 23:59 in the club Schwarzes Schaf, Augsburg

Ausstellung   21 – 22 July, 11.00 bis 17.00 Uhr



18 July 2012

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Werkschau – Making-of

To realize the biggest W E R K S C H A U in the history of the Faculty of Design we thought, made, sawed, danced, doubted and cheered — not only for the installation. You can find the making-of here on vimeo.com.


17 July 2012

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Werkschau – The installation glows

We sawed, drilled and soldered… and you can guess that we have great plans. Our faculty is enlightened by this light now. Thanks a lot to our sponsor DEL-KO.

Werkschau Installation

06 July 2012

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Werkschau– A foretaste

Werkschau foretaste

30 June 2012

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Werkschau – Print Approval

Werkschau Print Approval

20 March 2012

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Werkschau – Let's do it again

Today the new "Werkschau"-Team has met for the first time. We are 14 students and have the honorable task to organize a final exhibition for the summer 2012. At the moment 94 graduates will exhibit there. So let's get to work.